What is plastering?

Plaster is a durable and decorative coating applied to both interior and exterior walls and is generally used to produce a seamless and monolithic finish to a variety of surfaces and substrates where seams and joints are not desired. Plaster coats will usually use a base coat to give the plaster an excellent bond to the surface and a reinforcing tape or mesh embedded into it to make it even stronger. When applied properly and maintained, your plaster will last for many generations to come!

Plastering Is Not Just For Historic Homes And Buildings

Plastering is an ornate application that is quite common in historic homes and buildings. However, many contemporary home and business owners are turning to plaster to create a modern and textured look. Before we begin your project, we work with you to select the finish that will deliver the look and feel you desire.

Why Choose Plaster?

Aside from the decorative textures that can be achieved, plastering your home has many benefits. Drywall interior plastering can give you that beautifully straight & seamless finish to complement your rooms, where exterior based plastering can create the look you desire and also provide great structural integrity to your home or building, it can also act as insulation, a sound barrier or even fire resistance. Plaster can be painted as you wish—to further complement your preferred design aesthetic.

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